CT scanners for dental implant treatment

CT scans are usually associated with medical procedures, but they can also be used in dental treatment like dental implants. Dental implants are fine titanium rods that are fixed into sockets in the jawbone. Dental implants replace the root portion of missing teeth and, when the implant is secured, a new bridge, crown or denture can be attached. By having dental implant treatment, you will attain a tooth structure that looks natural and offers great functionality. This is a treatment that has grown in popularity, as people look for longer-lasting results for their teeth problems.

Why are CT scans beneficial?

CT scans are not used in all dental implant procedures, but generally in cases that are more complex. The benefit for dentists is that they can as good as carry out the treatment before even touching the patient, owing to the level of planning it allows. This increases the safety of the procedure in complex cases that deem it necessary.

CT scans allow dentists to see 3D images of the mouth, which means that they can judge the depth of the jaw and plan the position of the implants more carefully and precisely. The images also allow dentists to assess bone loss more accurately, which can be of immense importance to the success rate of implant treatment.

CT scans are also beneficial for patients because they can get a better understanding of what the procedure entails. When they see the dentist conducting the procedure on the computer, this helps them to feel more relaxed about having the treatment. If patients are very nervous about dental implant treatment, or even suffer from dental phobia, then this can make it difficult for the dentist to concentrate on the procedure, because they have to reassure the patient at the same time as carrying out the procedure. Many patients are also interested to see the detailed images of their mouth and see what happens during the procedure to fit the implants.